The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.



Mentoring is an indespensable requirement for an individuals growth. Not only are skills and experience shared, but there is value in the essential re-examination of ones own work and techniques.



We cannot seek achievements for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community...
Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations of others, for their sakes and for our own.

About Us

Our Background.

DEVTRAIN - COMMUNITY AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE started as Hephzibah Missions in April 2014 as a youth based social club and finally metamorphosed into a non-for-profit organization now called DEVTRAIN. The club which comprised of young people was established with a keen desire to assist and equip youths with innovative ideas to excel academically. Realizing that youths have very close ties with their parents in Nigeria it became expedient to include women and men on the programmes of the club.

Our Vision.

DEVTRAIN envisions a society where there is equal distribution of available resources for all, RAISING AGENTS OF CHANGE through human capacity building.

Our Mission.

  1. To equip communities to thrive and flourish through innovative ideas for growth and development.
  2. To costantly and vehemently approach the capacity building of youths to enhance their skills and talents
  3. To deploy all resources through our various activities to ensure learning, unlearning and relearning for the underserved and unreached youths in our society.

What We Do.

DevTrain supports communities to identify and meet needs through different rights based projects and livelihoods improvement activities/programmes to promote entrepreneurship, good health, education for all, empowerment and sustainable livelihoods of rural, semi-urban and urban communities to improve the quality of life of community members across Abuja and Benue State in Nigeria.

Our Programmes

  • Community Sanitation Improvement Programme(CSIP) -Water Sanitatio and Hygiene (WASH)add_circle_outline
    CSIP is a community based WASH programme to address the poor sanitation issues, open defecation and child killer diseases. CSIP is aimed at reducing the incidence of diarrhoea, facilitate Hygiene promotion activities, improve safe water chain and influence the Government/Partners to provide safe water, sanitation and hygiene facilities.
  • Youth Out Reach -Career Development Campaignadd_circle_outline
    CDC is an adolescent outreach addressing challenges secondary school students face in making career decisions through facilitation of capacity building training and participatory career guide, self-discovery and mentorship support.

    CDC aims at:

    1. Increasing knowledge on career choices to enhance informed decisions on courses in the university
    2. Increasing school performance of girls in science subjects
    3. Increasing transition from secondary schools to tertiary institutions
    4. Supporting youths in making life decisions through guidance and counselling
  • Girls Advancement Programme(GAP) -Entrepreneurship, Education & Menstrual Hygiene Manaagement (MHM)add_circle_outline
    A youth oriented network that promote sustainable and innovative solutions that improves access to quality and inclusive education, enrolment, retention and completion for the girl child through entrepreneurship development, tackling child marriage with keen interest on menstrual hygiene management, safe water and hygiene, hygiene promotion activities and influences policies on the importance of WASH services for in-school and out of school girls in the community. GAP is aimed at increasing the learning opportunities and outcomes of girls in formal and informal education preparing them for future economic activities and to provide an enabling environment for girls to flourish in their chosen pathways This programme encourages enrolment of vulnerable out of school children through payment of school fees, levies and provision of basic education materials, address the varying challenges girls face in relation to Menstrual Hygiene Management and increase girls access to financial education and life skills.
    1. Reduce Water related Disease and Increase knowledge on safe water and hygiene
    2. Reduction in rate of out of school children
    3. Promote peer to peer network and mentoring
  • Agro-Business Programme(ABP)add_circle_outline
    ABP is a youth based initiative that seeks to build capacity of community youths on various agricultural opportunities’ provide support to improve living conditions of IDPs and support youths with farm seedlings for cultivation and sustainability (self reliance). The programme shall reduce over dependence on support and promote self-reliance through agriculture.
  • Community Led Climate Action Project (CLAP)-Climate Change & Environmental Programmeadd_circle_outline
    Community Led Climate Action Project (CLCAP) is a community based approach to ensuring environmental sustainability through increase participation of community members (especially women, children and PLWD) on climate change mitigation and adaptation reducing the effect of climate change on fresh water, environment, agriculture and good health. Through CLCAP DevTrain has encouraged and conducted:
    1. Social media climate change awareness and mobilization campaigns
    2. Tree planting campaigns
    3. Pick that Trash campaigns
    4. Facilitate the school to school climate change and environment campaigns
    5. Facilitated Climate change mitigation and adaptation activities
    6. Facilitated Environmental protection and preservation activities (promote afforestation, combat desertification and reclaim soil fertility)
    7. Developed Climate Change Education Handbook for school children
  • Community Health Education Programme -CHEPadd_circle_outline

    DEVTRAIN - Community Health Education programme (CHEP) was developed to drive sustainable health outcomes in the community. CHEP is a social process targeted at women and girls to promote health and preventing disease within IDP camps and surrounding communities. The purpose is to positively influence the health behaviour of individuals and communities as well as the living and working conditions that affects their health.

    Through CHEP we have raised awareness on international days such as World Cancer Day, World Health Day, World Malaria Day, World Hepatitis Day, World Tuberculosis Day, World AIDS Day etc, these campaigns have increased the knowledge of community members on healthy habits, good feeding practices.

    Also these campaigns have been facilitated in primary and post-primary schools in Abuja FCT enhancing children’s knowledge and making them agents of change in the society.

  • Purposeful Leadership/Mentorship Programmeadd_circle_outline

    The programme was designed to help you develop a wider perspective on leadership and better understand mentorship. DevTrain leadership and mentorship shall seek to understand attitudes, knowledge and the skills required for leadership roles in youths, women and children. They will be mentored for a period of four (4) months and take practical examination in the various courses.
    As part of the programme, participants will need to:

    1. Participate in the programme activities
    2. Commit to four face-to-face sessions with their mentors. The location, day and time for your mentoring sessions will be agreed between you and your mentor
    3. Attend briefing and debriefing sessions.
    4. Take Practical examinations

Our Partners

Project Beautiful Benue
Africa Clean Up Initiative
Clean Healthier Nigeria
Susty Vibes
Media For Community Change
Agro-Nature Nigeria


Meeting With Us

We are open to partnership and other forms of collaborations in projects relating to the topics listed above. We encourage you to send us a message about your ideas or if you want to gain experience working with us, you can join our volunteer program by send us a message.

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