Get trained

To be a Software/Web Developer

from the comfort of your Home



This is a rare discounted opportunity you dont want to miss.

Get Trained and Mentored to be a software/ web developer and personally mentored by an industrial expert with over 8years of experience building sapps for local and international world class companies and start building your own apps in no time.

Start building your own apps in no time.

This training is for people who:

This training is for people who:

who have little or no knowledge of programming/software development.

want to change career to a more rewarding career in salary and satisfaction.

want to change to a career where your degree and certificates do not matter.

would like to travel/relocate to other countries like Canada and European countries but need a high in-demand job to get a work permit or permanent residency abroad.

want a job that is secure, flexible and respectable. a job where you can resign anytime you need to and get another one easily.

are stuck on learning the basics of software/web developement and need guidance and mentorship to move forward.

would like to build your own web sites and apps for other reasons.

What you will be learning

What you will be learning


scroll down to see more details on the course overview you'll be learning



Being the first in the series of lectures organized, the course fee is heavily discounted from the usual N250,000 fee.

Take advantage of this opportunity Discount is valid only for this July class. You can pay a one time payment fee or in two(2) installments.


Access to personal and professional mentorship and guidance even after the program ends, come with all your questions and get all the guidance you need to become a world class software developer.

An opportunity to join arguably one of the most rewarding professions in the world right now.

Access to an experienced Senior Software Engineer who has worked on international projects and has led multi-cultural and multi-country teams.

Automatic membership to our slack channel where you can collaborate with other students and tutors, ask and answer questions, build fun projects together etc. Note only students who have paid in full get full access to Slack others get temporary access.

An opportunity to create and start any online business idea that comes to your mind.

You get an increased odds of travelling around the world as some companies abroad are willing to sponsor your visa and/or assist in relocating you to their country so you can work for them.

What you'll need to start

What you'll need to start

*A computer
*Good internet
*Zoom app installed on your computer

Course Overview

Course Overview

The program commences on July 6th will last for a total of 14weeks (16weeks for weekend classes)

You can either attend the Weekday or the weekend classes.

Weekday option: Monday - Friday 11:30am-1:30pm

Weekend option: Saturday - Sunday 2pm - 6pm

Venue: Zoom video calls and Slack.

Note: You’ll get a lower level and more detailed Module/Syllabus when classes commence. In Summary these are the modules you will be learning.

Week 1

Introduction to Software Development, Software Career path, HTML and exercises.

Week 2

CSS, Git and Exercises.

Week 3 - 7

Fundamentals of Javascript and exercises.

Week 8 - 9

Exercises Building dynamic sites with Javascript and HTML

Week 10 - 11

Quick introduction to Reactjs and Nodejs for building frontend and backend applications.

Week 12 - 14

Final exercise, Deploying and Hosting your own site.

Your Tutor

Your Tutor

Meet your tutor and mentor
Tutor image

My name's Ejenavi Mudiaga and I've been a software Engineer for about 8years now.

I've worked with various local and international companies providing global software products and lead teams with developers from different countries in Africa, North America and Europe.

Got questions you would like to ask about this program or software development in general? contact me using any of the channels below


I'm avaialable on Zoom video meetings on Wednesdays and Saturdays 12pm - 12:40pm

Click to Join Meeting

Meeting ID: 767 0275 1339

Password: 9wMy17